District Adopts Core Values

BCPS Core Values

With input from community stakeholders and the blessings of the Bullitt County Board of Education, a new set of Core Values has been established.

Superintendent Jesse Bacon reported, “We will achieve the aspirations set forth by our Board of Education and the community at large by being focused on student success and process quality.”

The District’s Mission – To Inspire and Equip Our Students to Succeed in Life – will define the work.

“Our Core Values will guide our decisions and actions,” Bacon explained. “Key processes will define the details and will guide continuous improvement and innovation. Long term continuous strategic planning will let the district capitalize on opportunities for improvement as they are discovered.”

The six Core Values are:

Students Matter Most

  • Every thought, opinion and decision must related to the dynamic of Will It Improve Student Success?

Shared Accountability

  • Will It Improve Organizational Collaboration or Student Performance?
  • Is It Ethical?
  • Is It Cost-Effective?

Embrace Differences

  • Will It Help Create Acceptance and Understanding of People of Different Backgrounds?
  • Will it Contribute to the Development of Positive Relationships?

Future Focused

  • Is It Sustainable Going Forward? Are There Possible Unintended Impacts?

Proactive Innovation

  • Will It Make Us Exceptional in Quality Opportunities and Results?

Service Before Self

  • Will It Improve Stakeholder Satisfaction (Students, Staff, Parents, Community)?

Copies of the new Core Values can be found in schools, at the central office and on the district websit

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