Representative Tipton visits BEHS + OMES through #Principal4aDay Program

Rep. Tipton

Bullitt East High School and Old Mill Elementary School were happy to open their doors to Representative Tipton as he participated in our #Principal4aDay Program. This program is through the Kentucky Association of School Administration (KASA), designed to give legislators a first-hand look at what is going on in Kentucky schools and build stronger partnerships between legislators and public education. When legislators visit schools through the #Principal4aDay Program, they aren’t there for a normal school visit, but rather to see how things really work and what administrators deal with daily. 

At Old Mill Elementary School (OMES), Mr. Tipton was able to experience a day in the life of an elementary principal, guided by Dr. Brandy Howard, OMES Principal. Mr. Tipton experienced breakfast duty, morning meeting, walkthrough observations, and a construction meeting for the future Old Mill Elementary facility. 

“It was wonderful to have someone who has such an impact on education in our state and local community be in our school for the day,” says Dr. Howard, OMES Principal. “Representative Tipton asked questions to understand our day-to-day and loved talking with the kids. They were so excited to talk to him, as well -- several of our younger students even asked me if he was the President!”

Then, Mr. Tipton experienced a day in the life of a high school principal at Bullitt East High School (BEHS), guided by Mr. Chris Mason, BEHS Principal. At BEHS, Mr. Tipton experienced lunch prepared by East’s culinary students, a mini observation in an English classroom, a professional learning community discussion on data from an Algebra I class, a visit to an MSD classroom as well as the front office, and the process for afternoon dismissal of students. 



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