NBHS Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education grant recipients

Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education

North Bullitt would like to congratulate three of our NBHS teachers who have received grants from the Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education, a non-profit organization that supports the teachers and students of BCPS with grants to supplement classroom instruction. 


The three recipients are listed below: 

Brandon McKinley

Mr. McKinley is the band director at NBHS. COVID-19 impacted many things throughout the last year and a half, including the music department’s ability to fundraise efficiently. Mr. McKinley plans to use the grant money to replace essential percussion materials and equipment. North percussion students are required to learn how to play many different types of instruments and by revamping the equipment inventory, the education our students receive will be taken to the next level. 


Diane Rector

Ms. Rector is a NBHS science teacher and the Science Department Chair. Ms. Rector will be using her received grant money to create a new course for students: Forensic Chemistry. The equipment necessary for the course will be purchased with the grant money, including everything from hair and fibers to blood and DNA fingerprinting. This class is intended to provide all the chemistry standards that students are required to take, but with an engaging twist through forensics for students. Ms. Rector is excited to offer more hands-on explorations of chemistry and forensic topics to her students. 


Elizabeth Starnes

Ms. Starnes is a math teacher at NBHS and intends to put her grant money toward hands-on manipulatives that will make math more concrete for special education students. By using hands-on manipulations, students will be able to learn the concepts taught and have a better understanding of why the abstract operations work, rather than memorizing isolated facts, methods, or formulas. One of the manipulations Ms. Starnes plans to purchase is an algebraic scale, which allows students to see what happens as an equation is balanced -- so that they can actually “see” or “experience” the math as it happens. Ms. Starnes hopes that by incorporating conceptual mathematics into her daily teachings, students’ understanding of math, as well as their test scores, will increase. 


Congratulations to each of our teachers! We are excited to see how you continue to enhance the quality of education that North Bullitt provides. 


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