Carpentry program welcomes new teacher and projects

Mr. Stuart Owen

The Area Technology Center would like to welcome new Carpentry teacher Mr. Stuart Owen to our team! The Carpentry program prepares students for work in new construction, remodeling, and energy auditing industries. 

Mr. Owen has been in construction for many years, but it was in 2006 that he began working more heavily in the carpentry side of the industry. 

“I started framing and doing interior trim work on a regular basis,” explains Mr. Owen. “Since then, I have renovated houses and performed framing and interior trim work in small commercial buildings.” 

Mr. Owen is currently introducing carpentry for his first-year students, which includes basic safety, tool identification, and use. Students recently completed their first small project: building a birdhouse. Throughout the project, students became familiar with a few tools, and utilized the skills and knowledge they have learned in the classroom to date. 

Second-year students have also worked on a couple of projects; on top of building a birdhouse, they are currently in the process of framing a small dog house. They have also been studying Construction Drawings and have drawn a Civil Plan and Architectural Floor Plan. 

“Construction is a passion of mine,” says Mr. Owen. “I’m looking forward to continuing to teach the students valuable skills and knowledge that apply to the carpentry and construction industry.” 


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