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School-Related Student Trips

Board Approval

The Board shall approve all out-of-state school-related trips. The Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee shall approve all other school-related trips.


All District-owned vehicles shall be driven by an adult duly qualified and licensed to operate the vehicle. Drivers of school vehicles and operation of District-owned passenger vehicles transporting students shall be in compliance with requirements specified in applicable statutes and administrative regulations.

All Board-owned and private vehicles used to transport students for school-related trips shall be driven by an adult employee who has had an annual motor vehicle records check from the Jefferson County Division of Drivers License, Department of Transportation of the Louisville Field Office or the Kentucky Division of Driver Licensing. If the employee has resided in any state other than Kentucky in the last five (5) years, that individual will be responsible for providing a Motor Vehicle Records check from all states in which he/she has resided during those five (5) years.

Buses transporting students for out-of-county activities shall stay with the group unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent/designee.

Private Vehicles

With permission of the Principal/designee, students may be transported to or from a school-sponsored event by their own parent or by an adult who has been authorized on the Bullitt County Public Schools travel release form and has signed the student(s) out from the adult in charge of the trip.


A certified or classified staff member must accompany students on all school-sponsored or school-endorsed trips. For athletic trips, a nonfaculty coach or a nonfaculty assistant may accompany students as provided in statute. Persons designated to accompany students shall be at least twenty-one (21) years old.


Board insured vehicles or appropriately certificated common carriers shall be used for transporting students.

Certificated Common Carriers

Use of certificated common carrier service shall be authorized by the Board on a case-by-case basis, and the reasons to justify such use shall be cited in Board minutes.


Administration of medication to students during field trips shall comply with applicable law, regulation and medication administration training developed by the Kentucky Department of Education.

When students will be travelling outside the state, the Superintendent’s designee shall do the following:

  1. Determine applicable legal requirements concerning delegation of student medication responsibilities in states through which students will be travelling; and
  2. Assign staff to accompany students on the field trip to address student medication needs.

Parents’ Approval

Parents are to be informed of the nature of the trip, the approximate departure and return times, means of transportation, and any other relevant information. Parents must give written approval for students to participate in school-sponsored trips.


All school trips shall require reimbursement for the use of Board-owned vehicles at a rate established by the Board.

NEW (July, 2014) Field Trip Procedures

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Bus Drills

Bus Evacuation drills must be completed according to the following schedule for the 2018-2019 school year, send the completed forms to Teresa Skarr:

1st Drill week of August 14 – August 18

2nd Drill August 21 – December 15

3rd Drill week of January 3 – January 5

4th Drill January 8 – May 25