Field Trips

Student Learning Last Updated: 2/27/2020 1:04 PM

Steps to take for Approval

of a School-Related Student TRIP

Teachers –

Trips must be related to the course of study and have educational value. 


Examples of Appropriate Trips

Examples of Inappropriate Trips


Amusement Parks

Cultural Venues

Minature Golf



Historical Period Celebrations


Idea Fairs/Inventor Festivals

Zoos for grades 9-12

Bernheim Forest/Parklands of Floyd’s Fork

Bowling Alley



J. A Biztown

Circus (other than 3rd grade)

Mammoth Cave

Athletic Spectator Events

Slowpoke Farm/Hubers for K-2



Teacher shall complete an online TRIP Request Form and submit it for approval.  Lesson plans must be included. (See link on right for TRIP Request Form).

TRIPS that will be out-of-state, out-of-country, overnight and/or using commercial transportation must be placed on the board agenda for approval from the Board.

TRIPS that are local and using Bullitt County Public School Transportation need a 2 week notice when possible.  When using BCPS transportation leave time from school will be no earlier than 9:00am and return time will be no later than 1:45pm when school is in session.

The teacher shall secure prior written permission for the trip and medical release from each student’s parent(s) or guardian.  (See link on right for forms).

Administration of medication to students during field trips shall comply with applicable law, regulations and medication administration training developed by the Kentucky Department of Education.

When students will be traveling outside the state, the Superintendent’s designee shall do the following:

  1. Determine applicable legal requirements concerning delegation of student medication responsibilities in states through which students will be traveling; and
  2. Assign staff to accompany students on the field trip to address student medication needs.


If you need any assistance with any thing to do with student related trips please feel free to contact me:

Kim Lee or (502) 869-8083