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Bullitt County Public Schools: The Leader in Educational Excellence
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Faculty                   Department     Email
Ms. Shannon Whitlock CCR Coach

Ms. Amber Bryson ARC Chair
Mr. Ronnie Bryson Athletic Director
Ms. Jennifer Lowe YSC
Ms. Kara Hunt English
Ms. Shannon Barrett English
Ms. Bethany Griffin English
Ms. Mara Wiley  English
Ms. Paige Wright English
Mr. Chris Logan English
Ms. Taylor Wilson  English

Ms. Mary Lambert English
Ms. Anne Tilford English
Ms. Katie Hardy ECE/ English
Ms. Lena Humphrey ECE/ English
Mr. Emir Dizdarevic Math
Ms. Gelena Ballard Math
Mr. Tom Druen Math
Ms. Christie Bickett Math
Ms. Angela Holland Math
Ms. Hope Lawson Math
Ms. Sara Ridley Math
Mr. Brian Armstrong Math
Mr. David Bohanon  ECE/ Math
Ms. Casey Bannon ECE/ Math
Ms. Christina Becher Social Studies
Mr. John Cinnamon Social Studies
Ms. Emily Knight Social Studies
Ms. Monica Clark Social Studies
Ms. Kelsey Davis Social Studies
Ms. Jordan Hartlage Social Studies
Mr. Jacob Frantz  Social Studies
Ms. Rachel Fowler Social Studies
Ms. Kaylie Durham Social Studies
Mr. Jarrett Luckett ECE/ Social Studies
Mr. Alex Young ECE/ Social Studies
Mr. Justin Abnee Science
Ms. Katie Laslie Science
Ms. Danielle Cain Science
Ms. Diane Rector Science
Mr. Tim Dobson Science
Ms. Cassandra Punjack Science
Ms. Kat Seawright Science
Mr. Brian Wise ECE/ Science
Ms. Starr Roberts Languages
Ms. Blair Moyes Languages
Ms. Brittany Buckner Languages
Mr. Jake Mitchell Fine Arts
Mr. Vincent Whelan Fine Arts
Mr. Eric Lambert Business
Ms. Marla Morris Marketing
Ms. Rebecca Rink  Business
Ms. Kristin Hawkins Health/PE
Ms. Janna Johnson Health/PE
Mr. Dennis Minnis Health/PE
Ms. Alex Skidmore Agriculture
Ms. Tina Keehn Allied Health
Ms. Krista Woods Allied Health
1SG Eugene Siler JROTC
Mr. Jerry Durall FMD
Ms. Mary Beth Schmidt FMD


North Bullitt High School
3200 East Hebron Lane
Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Phone: 502-869-6200

Fax: 502-957-6762


Doors Open at 6:50 AM
School Starts at 7:20 AM
School Ends at 2:10 PM

CSIP 19-20